sileni Picture

'Silenoi' are beings/creaturs known out of the greec mythology. They are two legged, from navel upward manlike/human, from navel downward horselike.The Silens love and carry on music, dance, wine and all that, what belongs to a life full of delight, joy, love and possibly lust.They are companions of the greek god Dionysos.
So they are my little/small and big/great 'Messengers of the joy of live'.My prototypes for theire male and female figures are Silens, who are shown as follows. Human are: Head and face with hair and beard, the boddy, legs and hands, the upright pose on two legs. Horselike are: Ears, hind legs with hooves, genitales,the gleaming fur and tail. In this kind too are their women and children.
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