Warrirors of Asgard Picture

I know what people will be thinking about this, because it's exactly the same thing that's in my mind:


Anyways, in the last weeks I've been drawing this OC's because my inspiration suddenly reappeared after being missing for over a year (that bitch...). With this I hope I can continue drawing other characters since I've had a lot of ideas lately.

Some notes on the characters:

- This characters belong to a story I've been writing for about 5 years. Now, I planned to draw a comic about this but since at this time that would be a lot of work I'll only draw the characters to take them out of my system.
- They belong to the Esoteric Order of Valhalla (yup, just like Dagon's XD) which is a sect in my story and the main antagonists.
- This three, as the title implies are the Priests of Asgard, representing Heaven.
- Freyr (left): He is my latest creation. He is the second most powerful of this three and controls wind. As a side note, Frey or Freyr in Norse mythology is the god of Elves, that is why his ears are slightly pointed.
- Heimdall (center): I've already drew him in past versions but I decided to make some changes. The hair and skin color are different and the armor is completely gone. The clothes are mainly the same only with different colors. In a Nomura-esque move (lol) I drew him without his weapon, but if you see his past version you'll get an idea of what I have in mind. In future character sheets I'll drew him with it. He controls light.
- Thor (right): I really didn't want to usu this name because Marvel has already did it, but then I thought "what the hell?" Obviously he controls thunder and physically is the strongest of the Order.
- The three characters have light hair and skin colors. This is mainly because of the European depiction of holy figures.

So, hope you like this and I'll be working on more drawings in the days to come.

Forgot to mention, Heimdall being the leaders is the Cleric of this group and the other two are his Acolytes.
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