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Ever have a character that just sort of forces themselves into being?
Meet Shark Sherlock
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Because sharklock

Name Sherlock J. Doyle

Gender Male

Pokémon Species Gibble

Birthday 6 January 1989

5'0 (feet inches)

Weight 120 (lbs)


Sherlock is a brilliant mind. He has a near eidetic memory and can notice detail at a fine level. He is great at the art of deduction. This skill makes him wonderful at coming up with a generally correct conclusion. His mind is a great palace that he treasures and keeps well care for. His mind is his greatest weapon. Due to the fact he is brilliant and he knows this, his social skills are lacking. While he is amazing at being able to get others to do as he wants (in a planned end game way) he isn't so good at social situations and finds many trivial. He doesn't keep friends, but will welcome colleagues- any means to an end. Sherlock is a clever mon, but many find it hard to keep him around due to his know it all personality type.

Bottom line, he is smart, but he can be kind of an ass. Not that he thinks he is. Sherlock merely likes to show off.

History Sherlock's father was a brilliant man. Due to his intelligance, he thrived in a business aspect, so Sherlock was never left wanting. His father taught him personally from a young age and was even named after a brilliant detective in common lore. Sherlock learned and practiced his skills daily- his father expected nothing less than perfection. The young gibble thrived in this sort of environment. Actually he enjoyed having himself be tested. Proving that he was good enough.

Even when sherlock was a child, he saw no need for companionship. Other children generally werent as smart as him. There was on one of his age who was as intellectually advanced enough to keep up. All the other children where boring. Soon, he found himself playing games with the children- and not hop scotch or ball. He started to figure out how to manipulate them. Say he wanted their milk,he would find a way to have them give it to him without him using force- he would only use simple argument skills and rhetoric.

The children were easy targets for Sherlock's games. Next he began to play his game on the teachers. He played like this until the game was too easy. Sherlock graduated early and went on to college where he got a higer education.

During this time, sherlock had a few bad years. He tampered with things he shouldn't. Though, he doesnt talk about his addictions often. He found the rush to his brain stimulating on a whole new level. Due to his father's demands, he quit and forced himself to be clean. This though, gave him a hunger for excitement and stimulation.

It was then, during a lecture on lore and mythology that Sherlock heard the tales of the knights academy and the brave warriors it stood for. Knowing his mind could be put to use- The gibble went off on his own to apply for such a school. Hoping he would find the stimulation his brain needed so bad.

Perhaps this place would prove a true challenge for his thirsting mind.

Hobbies: He loves showing off. Playing mind games. Reading. Playing violin.


Weapon His Mind. Well trained and sharpened- though not outright deadly- his ability to come up with a battle plan is a force to be reckoned with. He also keeps a small dagger in his pocket and a small tablet of poison should the battle get too near to him.

Class/SubClass Rouge: Tactician. Sherlock is a show off and loves to have others follow his command. He is brilliant and thinks his voice should be heard and followed. Due to his eidetic memory and planning skills, this seemed to be the perfect fit.

Extras/Fun Facts
He has a stick that he lights the end of. The look of smoke calms him.
Has an older brother: he is the favorite
Isnt very Social. Would only consider a relationship if it would benefit him.
Yes. He is based off of sherlock homes.
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