Republic City App - An Quan Li Picture

Name: An Quan Li 安全 李 I really hope I wrote that right, I can barely speak English much less write in Chinese ahaha;;;

Age: Twenty Two

Nationality: Fire Nation

Affinity: Fire


Ambidextrous: when she was about eight years old she received a burn on her right hand resulting in it being incapacitated for a short time. During that time her dad, being a leftie, taught her simple ways to go about her life using her left hand instead of right, and since then she has kept up the skill.

Herding: shortly before moving to republic city An Quan spent nearly two years working as a farm hand herding koala sheep as a way to earn boat fair for her big move. To this day she still remembers a thing or two on how to manipulate animals to go where you want them to.

Perception: perhaps because she grew up in such a tactical environment or maybe she swallowed a rule as a kid she has the uncanny ability for measuring things out to be “just right” even without tools. Although it’s not 100% accurate all the time, it’s especially handy when it comes to figuring out the cost of building materials, or how far something will fly without the use of a ruler.


An Quan is a very curious girl. She grew up in a small village of the fire nation with limited resources, so whenever she encounters something new she becomes very eager to give it a try to boarder line obsessive as she tries to figure out just exactly how everything works. Because she grew up in a small village, she’s very unaware as to how the world works, and although she tries to be as open minded as possible, there are times where her close minded past haunts her and she just flat out refuses to believe or support whatever issue or topic has come up. This is especially true when it comes to socials issues dealing with benders and nonbenders.

Likes and Dislikes:

+SCIENCE!!!! Very obsessive with how the world works
+MYTHOLOGY!!!! Loves folklore dealing with people’s perception of how the world was created and how things worked before science came about.
+Homemade bread: the smell reminds her of home and her mothers cooking, whenever she’s homesick she always gets a few loafs of it and just walks around the city smelling the food as a makeshift cure.

-Censorship: she wants to know it ALLLL! And she hates restrictions on anything her philosophy is that no one has the power to judge what another should or shouldn’t know
-History: “a person cant progress with all this past stuff in the way!”
-Heights. Common phobia, nuff said.


As stated before An Quan grew up in a small village in the fire nation. By some odd twist of fate she was born a nonbender while her twin brother An Jing was a firebender. The oddity remained a mystery among her fire and metalbending family, fuelling her thirst for knowledge even as a young age. When she was eight years old she managed to convince her brother to try an “experiment” to see if bending could be translated from one person to the next, which resulting her An Quan severely burning her right hand.
From then on, her parents became extremely protective of the twins and made sure to always filter what they took in from foods, to books, to music and more. Growing dissatisfied of this bubble life, 17 year old An Quan devised a plan on her escape by slowly saving up money for a boat fair to republic city under the guise of assisting one of her grandfather’s old art buddies.
From there, she slowly established a new life as she assimilated into Republic City’s culture. Although it has been years since she first moved to the city there’s still a lot left to explore and learn, which she is both excited and anxious to do.

RP sample:

An Quan inhaled the crisp aroma of the freshly baked pastry roll before splitting it apart and taking a large bite of the roll. Home. She sighed deeply with the word on the tip of her tongue; it tasted of roasted leechi nuts mixed with the scent of smoldering fires from the family’s forge. As much as she loved Republic City’s fast paced lifestyle and seemingly endless technology revolutions, there were times when nostalgia got the best of her and all she wanted to was call for home.
She softly shook her head a quiet smile upon her lips and turned towards the teashop’s window where bustlingly passerbys made their way doing whatever errands they needed to be done. As she tried to keep her mind off home a thought occurred to her. for every person that passed by the window shop they too must have a family of some sort, and those families have a friends with too. So many people, so many stories, so many curiosities and mysteries to discover.
An Quan’s smile grew as she toyed with that idea in her head like a cat with twine. Perhaps one day she’ll discover or even solve some of those mysteries!

Additional Info:
-Thanks to her mother’s own addiction to radio dramas, she is a big fan as well Originally it started out as an escapism, but has now become a necessity. If she ever missed a weekly broadcast she becomes slightly neurotic.

-It’s rare to see her without gloves. She always feels slightly embarrassed whenever she has to explain how she got the scar on her hand and so prefers to just avoid the issue completely by covering it up as often as possible.
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