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A lonely outcast mets a strange girl out in the enchanted woods, and ever since that day crazy things have been happening in Smurf Village! It's now up to Nobody and Puppet to figure out how to make all this madness stop! Can they do it?

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Artist Comment

Say hello to Edwart's fifth wife, Gabriella the Goblin (She is Greek so her gods are those of "Greek Mythology") ....and you all know how Suicidal feels about being around goblins. And look at least she's trying to be friendly...but Suicidal is just being his normal asshole of a self.

For those who don't remember why Suicidal is bandaged up, it's from when he fought Pat back in Smurf Village, where he stabbed in the stomach and in the hand.

Nobody belong to PEYO
Gabriella and Suicidal both belong to ME
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