(Collab) The Radiant Warriors Picture

"Let's keep it rockin', brace ourselves in a brand new adventure!!"
Disclaimer: I don't own Radium (girl in middle), she's owned by Orla and just presenting her in an alternate art style.
"Gosh, Paula's never been that flamboyant and playful in her whole life" The girl in traditional Polish costume marvelled cheerfully
" Umm.. Well what I'm feeling now... I'm unable to seal it anymore, it's just erupting out from my mind" The girl in Lithuanian costume replied.

"You must be another radioactive element then, so as you!! Birds of a feather do flock together, exactly!!" The former starlet exclaimed with radiance shining from
her face
"How do you know that??" The folk dress-clad girls were actually Elements 61 and 88, Promethium and Radium

Another work with tons of visual references as well as linkages between elements. The bluish, then yellow background (resembles the damned windows vista desktop... But still pretty) represents the radio-luminescence of the elements: they give out bluish-green glow at dark and the radiating power of elements- represented as sunlight in yellow. The pink/crimson, then transits to purple indicates the ionic colour of Promethium : ranges from pink to lavender, as well as Radium's reddish flame colour (reported as Crimson , possibly lighter than the colour of Lithium's). The light sabre also indicates Promethium's identity as an Lanthanide/Rare earth : which is commonly used for lasers . Radium's weapon is loosely based from a gungnir : showing her linkages from the Actinides, as a major decay product. Radium-226 is decayed from Thorium-230, reasonable for her having influence from
Norse cultures (Thorium is represented with
a hammer). As well as being an important figure in the whole radioactivity research, sitting just under Uranium and Thorium.
Trivia on Promethium:
Her vital stats are 79-61-87
Pm is the lightest and has the lowest BMI (15.x): she has been very frail since childhood, owing to her intense radioactivity and scarcity.
She ranks the third rarest naturally occurring elements: there's only under 600g in the crust at any given time
Pm's non scientific hobbies are Greek mythology and archeology
Her best courses are Math, Physics and Classical Literature

Character design:
The two characters are presented in their national costumes, alluding their nationalities. Radium is extremely obvious, as the element was discovered by Maria Skłodowska Curie, a famous Polish scientist. She wears a tradition costume from Kraków: one of the most well known costumes in PL. Lots of elaborate details and stuff... Took a long time to do research and draw it. (Fatal mistake: Promethium's skirt is shorter than it should be... Usually it reaches to the ankles instead of calf length ) Pm dresses in a Lithuanian costume, much more simplistic than neighbouring nations like Belarus, Poland and other North- Eastern European nations. Her nationality is based on the Lanthanides: mainly discovered in Scandinavia, Pm is Baltic thus also belongs to the Northern European family. The fuchsia-White bow shows the ionic colour the the element.

As well as the gothic design and chandelier on the top, making the pic more whimsical

Took a hell long time completing it (not forget the badass characters) enjoy it
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