Hephaestus, God of the Forge Picture

I've always held a soft spot for Greek mythology, so I decided to do a series about them. I wanted the gods to look normal and not all powerful, as if they were enjoying a day off. I used this opportunity as a way to practice my anatomy skills, so I kept them naked. I used alot of symbolism. Each picture has a minimum of 2 animal representations and 1 botanical representation. I almost never use shadow in my drawings so I really wanted to try shading but I felt like complete shadow would ruin the photos. I also wanted everything to look as real as possible, which is why most of them has dark, curly hair, and I wanted the things in the picture to look as they would in Ancient Greece.

Hephaestus, God of the Forge, Metalwork, and Invention
Animals- Donkey and sparrow
Plants- Myrtle

I don't really think they said Hephaestus was ugly, so I decided to make him look attractively rugged but in a jovial way. In my mind, he's a gentle spirit and I also figured that all that metalwork and inventing he does would give him a good body, along with the burns on his hand. If you couldn't tell, his lame foot is the right one. The shading on the left is just bad. IDK why but I see Hephaestus as being really hairy! I decided to put a sparrow on his shoulder to represent his relationship with Aphrodite and I chose a bird because, like Aphrodite, it can easily fly away. The flower on his workbench is also hers. His hair is black and his kind eyes are dark brown.
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