Ladydove7's Influence Map Picture

I've been seeing these pop up on my devwatch a lot lately. At a time where I'm very indecisive about which direction I want to take next, it was good to remind myself just what it is I like about my art and what I saw in others that reminded me of what I wanted to achieve with my work.

1. David Mack (Kabuki) - It was love at first sight when I picked up the Kabuki: Skin Deep trade paperback. I hadn't seen many traditionally painted comics with a story told quite the way Mack presented it. The man is a master of visual metaphor, sequential art, and intriguing characters. He inspired me to find a story worth telling and tell it in a unique way.

2. Poison Elves - By the late Drew Hayes. I admit my character Melakim was heavily influenced by the sardonic Elf, Lusiphur, with his anti-social moodiness. This comic was a spoof of all things D&D with a grit and witty humor that will always bring a smile to my face. Plus drunken Elves and Mayhem! From Hayes, I learned that all characters need not be sane nor moral.

3. Michael Turner (Witchblade) - Witchblade was the first comic besides Poison Elves that I fell head over heels for. Mainly for the fantastically detailed backgrounds and sexy figures of Turner. I'll never draw lips the same ever again thanks to Turner, god rest him
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