The Behemoth Picture

My Drawing 1 final project. Four pieces of paper taped together to make about a 6 ft. x 3 ft. drawing. Done in Charcoal.

My assignment? To take a myth that our teacher gave us and use it as a basis for a self portrait with meaning.

My Myth? The Bahamut (aka, the behemoth). As Wikipedia says "Bahamut (Arabic: بهموت Bahamūt) is originally an aquatic figure of Arabic mythology, though this figure has been significantly altered in the process of modernization.

Bahamut is an enormous fish that resides in a vast sea. He supports a huge bull named Kujuta who has four thousand eyes, and the same number of ears, noses, mouths, tongues and feet. Between every one of each is a distance of five hundred year's journey. Kujuta supports on him a rock of ruby, which atop stands an angel who supports the seven earths."

This took me 10 to 20 hours. Its hard to tell because I'm a gigantic procrastinator.
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