i love this apothecary thing Picture

silly title aside, the title of this on my computer is 'speaker of gaia'. now wonder what happened

either way, this guy is named junus, and hes a deity figure for manhi all around. though he isnt the main figure in their mythology, hes certainly important. long story short, he had obsidian scales but worked his way up to protect his species by creating the treaty. hes killed in front of his herd soon after the treaty was made in cold blood by a dragon. gaia, their highest deity, took pity upon him and gave him life again. doing such made his scales lose their black color, and replaced them with the entire spectrum. he isnt immortal, but his body slowed greatly against aging, and continued to grow considerably larger than the rest of his species.

hes still young here, and honestly i just wanted to pixel again and i figured why not. i messed up the anatomy again though; their legs are thinner and a little longer. especially his, though hes a bit bulkier than the rest as he grows larger
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