Luna Picture

Its Luna again this is her natraul look for both serries by Rick Riodan. she is from both Egyption and Greek desent, Here is the Bio~

Name: Luna
Nick Name: Woona (Lanie started to call her this to annoy her)
Age: roughly my age so like 13-14
Mother- Eris
Father- Unknown
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Siblings: None
Pets: none
Other family: Lanie and Holly are like sisters to her
Home: integrates between the 21 Nome, Camp Halfblood and Grim Castle
Likes: Music, Art, magic, scythes, Lanie and Holly, books, Greek and Egyptian "mythology", deviant Art (she has a nook and lap top what’s new), chaos, Set, etc.
Dislikes: esedroppers, um monsters, idiots, and the Ares kids.
Bio: Luna's father died only a few months after her birth and Eris took pity on her child and led a pair of Magicians to raise her, over the years Luna she well figured out about her mother and when chaos happened that wasn't because of her she investigated, where she went the Tornado demolished school of Page, she found the evidents she needed and ran away from home to the 21 Nome (rhymed and I didn't even try) where things got really interesting because Greek monsters started to attack her so she ended up in Camp Half-Blood, for a year before she finally went to the 21 Nome.
I fixed it most of the ways now I just need to put up a little more info latter and make a new pic for her like IDK a refrence one?

Rick Riordan is responsible for the Kane Chrinicals and the Percy Jackson series, base is from
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