Angelus: Turn Arounds Picture

Subject: Angelus

Species Classification: Unknown, has been subsequently labeled as merely an interstellar based life form

Height: 70 meters (229 feet)

Mass: Earth mass at 35,000 metric tons

Paraphernalia: Subject wields the Cosmic Staff, a construct of unknown origin (suspected to have been constructed by the subject in question however this has been firmly denied) that is capable of various effects such as energy blasts, force fields, flight, reformation and changing the structure of matter. It is made of extremely hard material that at the moment has been designated as indestructible.

Strength: Angelus possesses tremendous physical strength, the limits of which are unknown. She has been observed shattering buildings with passing blows and lifting objects of enormous stature with relative ease. However, the greatest limit on Angelus strength appears to stem from her confidence. Angelus strength and power has been observed to flux in accordance to the situation in which she feels a level of uncertainty and appears to affect her overall abilities.

Durability: Angelus' bodily composition is much tougher and far more resistant to physical injury than those of common terrain species. She can withstand heavy artillery, survive in space unaided, powerful concussive blasts, falls from tremendous heights, and blows from beings of rivaling or greater size without sustaining injury. Angelus' body is also highly resistant to extremes of temperatures, in particular extreme heat. She has shown to be capable of flying through stars completely unharmed, and has actually withstood the explosive power of a supernova unharmed. The true level of her durability remains unclear.

Immunity: Angelus appears to possess a highly efficient immune system, rendering her immune against all forms of disease and infection. However, like most of her abilities, the level of her immunity is solely dependent on her confidence and will slow in accordance to her certainty

Regenerative Factor: While it is possible to injure Angelus, she is capable of recovering from physical injury with levels of speed and efficiency far beyond that of most life forms. Most bodily injuries appear to heal in a matter of minutes if left unhindered

Stamina: Angelus also retains a high degree of stamina. Her body creates far less fatigue toxins than that of common terrain based life forms and can exert herself at peak conditions for as of yet unknown time span. The subject has, on record, fought with fellow cosmic deity identified as Norscid for an upwards of several centuries without a period of rest and remained in peak condition from the amounted time span.

Agility: Angelus speed and mobility on land has been rated as average.

Flight: Angelus is able to fly under her own power thanks to energy constructed wings which form on her back. Her flight speed rivals those of the fastest known starships, and can achieve faster than light speeds with relatively little exertion.

Energy Projection: Angelus is able to project powerful beams of concussive force from both hands as well as channeling her own power into her Cosmic Staff. In addition to creating these blasts of energy, Angelus is also able to emit powerful short-range pulses of energy from all around her. The maximum limit of force in which Angelus energy can project is currently unknown.

Hard-Light Construction: Angelus is able to create hard light constructions most commonly in the form of "wings" which usually erect from the back of her carapace. The composition of these wings has been proven to be incredibly resistant to many forms of trauma and have been used to defend Angelus' main body. It is currently unknown whether or not Angelus can create other hard-light constructs.

Spatial Awareness: Angelus contains some form of spatial awareness which allows her to retain some sense of knowledge of where she is and where she wishes to go at all times even with no prior knowledge of her or her locations whereabouts.

Telekinesis: Angelus appears to have some form of telekinetic abilities as she is able to summon her Cosmic Staff with nothing more than a thought.

Weaknesses: For the most, Angelus remains a very powerful entity. However, Angelus has proven to be susceptible to energy siphoning devices and can be physically drained through this method. Also, Angelus' Cosmic Staff seems to possess a significant amount of power and can also limit her arsenal of attacks if removed from her possession. The largest weakness Angelus seems to posses however stems from her assurance in herself and her abilities have been noted to weaken when her confidence is low.

Psych Evaluation:
The entity known as Angelus is one of extreme mystery and can only be evaluated through simple observations of body language and what sparse information the captain of the Oddyseum, Csar Sormin, can give as he is the only being capable of translating her language (which can only be discerned as a series of growls, roars and chirps to even an omni-Lingistic devise). It should be noted however that despite the information given, there is still very little information on Angelus available prior to her life with the Oddyseum.

For the most part, the subject is known by the majority of the universe as a life avatar, more specifically a God of Life itself, a being which has been created by the Universe itself as the base subject of life and its many functions. As there is by no means a way of evaluating this statement, the decision to take such claims at face value and work with the subject as if the status as a deity is verifiable and real has been deemed acceptable, at least for the time being.

It should also be of note that the subject does not have any sort of viable gender. Angelus body composition contains neither female nor male genitalia and has been such labeled as androgynies. However, due to the subjects own desire to be viewed so, Angelus will be identified as female.

For the most part, Angelus appears to be devoid of any personality disorders. She presents herself as humble, but not unable to acknowledge her gifts that make her different than most. She tends to be friendly and charitable without manipulation or expectation of reciprocation. In particular, Angelus possesses vast reservoirs of compassion for not only those close to her, but also all life forms in general. She displays a large degree of empathy towards most life forms and has gone out of her way to ensure others are happy, even to the point of forgoing her own happiness in the process.

A subject of extreme significance is that of Angelus age which she herself has admitted to having no idea of how old she could be interpreted as by a terrain species. To her own acknowledgment, she does have memory of her own creation at a time when the Universe was structured in a vastly different way but does not have any clue of where or when this took place. However due to the subject having been researched and documented in the mythology of various off world cultures, it has been determined that the subject is of an advanced age, one which may surpass even that of the Earth. Despite these factors, Angelus demonstrates no signs of senility or even basic memory loss issues that are associated with individuals of extreme age.

At times the subject appears to become very open to her past ordeals and escapades and can converse for extended periods of times on the subjects. However when shifting onto more tragic subjects she appears to become less inclined to reveal them. For the most part these significantly traumatic events in Angelus’ life have been seemingly pushed aside. Begrudgingly, she confessed to having flashbacks and nightmares of past traumas, especially about "letting them waste away," a statement she has here for refused to elaborate on.

There is also of note the gap between her ideal self and her real self. Her ideal self is a pacifist who enjoys discovery, acceptance, and equality and displays a maternal bond with all forms of life. Her real self is a fighter who often uses violence to solve issues, has killed, and requires sufficient force to quell when angered. This does cause psychological strain for her to admit to and though no personality disorders have risen, they can if left untreated.

The final matter to be discussed is the subject in which others (and something Angelus has seemingly accepted) have established Angelus as a deity of life. Because such a topic is so complex, so complicated, and almost completely abstract, it is difficult to discern a true reasoning behind the subject’s construction as a being of existence. Angelus herself appears to have some form of uncertainty about her own role and is a cause of a great deal of grief within the subject’s life. It appears that she has yet to find a true reasoning behind her own creation and seems to be on a quest to discover the meaning of the topic for which she has been designated. Her dedication to her mission of exploration of the new seems to solidify this and seems to be the driving force of her existence and she displays some increased zeal over discussing.


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