Dracotalia Picture

(If you viewed this, please comment. I really want feedback. I plan to do kind of a project out of this, and draw fully bodied images of all of them, so if there’s one you’d like to see first, tell me!)


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Mkay, so this is gonna be a LONG LONG LONG description, but I'd REALLY appreciate it if you'd read it, or at least some of it. I worked forever on this. And some of the symbolism you probably won’t understand unless I explain.

So. First off, I can't draw people, but I LOVE Hetalia, and wanted to do some art for it. So this is my way of drawing the countries. I looked around DA, and I saw a few people that had drawn one or two countries as dragons, but never all of them. I drew all of these at school, then copied and scanned them onto one piece of paper. I was originally going to hand color it, but it didn't work out... so glad I did it this way instead.

I labeled all of the characters, so it hopefully shouldn't be hard to see who's who. I got everyone who's appeared in the anime, except for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Cuba, and the other Nordics. I'm ridiculously pleased with this (Could you tell? XD), so if you’d listen to my explanation of why the dragons look the way they do and/or are colored the way they are, I’d really appreciate it. They all kept their eye colors/styles from the anime/manga.

Alright, here goes- Just kind of started at the bottom and made my way up.

Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia: SYMBOLISM YAY. All of them are the colors of their countries current flags. During WWII, they’re presented as the ‘Trembling trio’, so they are here too. Russia had complete control of them, so the coloration is fading into monochrome to show that they aren’t really their own nations anymore. Does that make sense? Kind of like Russia absorbed them into his culture, so they’re losing their individuality. And Estonia has his glasses, because none of the characters with them looked right otherwise.

Hong Kong- Don’t know much about the actual character, it was kind of an accident that I drew him anyway. He has the curse of the thick eyebrows from England, as well as the fin (get to that later), and then the horns from the other Asian nations.

South Korea- All I’ve really picked up about him from the webcomic is that he’s more of a modern nation, so neon and bright colors.

China- He just kind of looks like my idea of a Chinese dragon… it may be a little unoriginal, but it fit better than anything else.

Japan- It seemed like Hetalia really stresses how separated Japan was from the rest of the world, so none of the other dragons look anything like him. He kept the tendril-y horn things from China’s design, and has the color of the Japanese flag. Aside from that, I just made him as alien looking as possible.

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