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My Ponies, that my brain gave birth too. And let me tell you, there's stretch marks there now. There's scarring.

(On a side note, I invented a new pony species in the FiM world... kind of. I actually couldn't believe they hadn't done it int he show. I created the Kelpie, or at least a design for them. The kelpie is a figure from European mythology of course, a water horse)

Anywho, going clockwise from the top left

Twinkle Drop:

A Kelpie Pony. Twinkle Drop is somewhat ditzy and naive, but ponies are usually disarmed by her kind nature and cheerful disposition that causes all but the stoniest of hearts to like her. Not a native of Equestria proper, she hails from the Vasty Ocean beyond the Everfree Forest.
She has a talent for sea shell collection and identification, and is an avid collector of any and all shells, land or sea based.
She met Blue Parchment while he was on an expedition into the Everfree Forest. For some reason Blue could never understand, Twinkle followed him all the way to Canterlot, and ever since, the two have had a close friendship.
Cutie Mark: Sea Shell


Plutonia is a pegasus pony scientist who has a habit of working on highly experimental elements and substances, magical or otherwise. She is a long-time friend and colleague of Blue Parchment, as she works for the Royal Arts and Sciences Society in Canterlot.
Socially unaware and devoted to her work, Plutonia is often baffled by and dismissive of things like common courtesy, but is highly adept at solving knotty problems both in science and the real world, and often surprises people with an occum's razor approach to seemingly complex situations.
Although a decent flier, she views it in the practical manner of a form of travel, rather than a hobby.
Cutie Mark: Hazard Symbol

Storm Shadow:

A citizen of Cloudsdale, Storm Shadow is a long-time admirer of Rainbow Dash. Several years Dash's junior, she grew up hearing tales about Rainbow Dash's heroic exploits and reputation for loyalty. As one of the only known black-haired ponies, she was often shunned or mocked as a filly, and took to Rainbow's stories as a source of inspiration.
Although an avid and talented flier, her true talent lies in music, and especially the drums, which is her favourite and best played instrument. In emulation of Rainbow Dash's trademark Sonic Rainboom, Storm has tried for many years to create her own signature move in immitation of Dash; the Shadow Boom, although she has never yet succeeded.
Although seemingly self confident and arrogant, much like her idol, Storm Shadow possesses a hidden humility which makes her eager to please those important to her, and becomes very frustrated when she feels she has failed a friend.
Storm met Blue Parchment on a visit to the Canterlot Library. Blue helped her find the book she had been searching for on recent pegasus achievements, and Storm was entirely astonished to learn that Blue was a friend of Twilight Sparkle, who in turn was a friend of Rainbow Dash.
Cutie Mark: Drum and crossed Drumsticks

Five Stars:

Five Stars is a talented unicorn pony. At a young age, he was friends with an earth pony who developed "Doppelganger Magic", or magical illusions, such as card tricks, smoke and mirrors, etc. Five Stars was enthralled by these tricks, and along with his actual magical learning, learned these illusions. Now a grown stallion, he makes a living using this fake magic, baffling ponies all around with new tricks not performed by actual magic.
Somewhat self-congratulating and narcissistic, Five Stars is often thought to be boastful and conceited, which is true to a degree. Despite this, he possesses an excellent moral compass, and never fails to step into an unjust situation on the part of the wronged party, just so long as it doesn't ruin his shoes or mess up his mane.
Five Stars is a close friend of Blue Parchment, whom he met during a show in Canterlot. Despite Five's narcissism, and Blue's social awkwardness, the two hit off a long lasting friendship.
Cutie Mark: Magician's hat surrounded by five stars


An earth pony, Hyacinth is a rurally famous gardener and plant lover. Known on the local level rather than on the up-and-up, Hyacinth prefers to keep a low profile on her abilities, stemming from a liking for quiet. Despite this, Hyacinth is often a motherly figure, always ready and willing to give out helpful advice should anyone need or want it.
Born without a mane, Hyacinth is never seen without her hat. Her baldness is a source of great embarrassment for her, stemming from a number of bad experiences in her youth. In now way embittered by her experiences, Hyacinth is very worldly, and has a great sense of sympathy and compassion. Despite her usually cheerfully acquiescing nature, however, she has been known to emit an extremely ominous mood when she is truly angry, which tends to send everything from fillies to dragons cowering under the nearest rock.
Hyacinth is a long-time friend of Blue Parchment, as they had both been neighbours growing up.
Cutie Mark: A smiling daisy

Blue Parchment:

A unicorn pony, Blue Parchment is head historian and archivist for the Royal Archives in Canterlot. Following the return of Princess Luna, Blue was commissioned to bring Luna up to speed historically on events in Equestria. However, being rather socially awkward, he neglected to inform her on the social changes pertaining to royal-commoner relations, thus causing Luna to accidentally retain all of her traditional court etiquette up to her advent on Nightmare Night.
A reasonably talented Unicorn, Blue Parchment is more interested in the history of magic, rather than its practice, but knows that only though understanding the subject, can he truly dig into the true roots of its history.
Blue is an acquaintance of Twilight Sparkle, who frequented his archives during her studies in Canterlot, although they never became actual friends because of Twilight's obsession with study. Blue often visits Ponyville library on business for the Royal Archives, and Twilight sometimes visits Canterlot since moving to Ponyville, allowing for the two of them to strike up a closer friendship.
Blue is a tolerant sort of pony; foreign or unusual activities gleam little reaction from him, and this makes him easy to befriend, despite his lack of social skills. He is highly intelligent in the area of history, English, and the arts, but is often befuddled by math and certain areas of science, such as physics, which his colleague, Plutonia, frequently brings up in conversation.
Cutie Mark: A parchment and quill

Double Kick:

An earth pony, Double Kick is the younger sister of Blue Parchment.
An avid and talented football player, Double Kick spends nearly every hour of the day and night playing, or attending to activities related to football. Highly energetic and athletic, she is best friends with Storm Shadow, with whom she shares a slightly mischievous streak.
Unlike her brother, Double Kick is very set into a "what's cool, and what isn't" mentality, and sometimes doesn't accept people right off. However, she is blithely generous to others, making her and agreeable pony, even if she doesn't understand that she is doing something virtuous.
She possesses a strong sense of fair play that is comparable to a code of honour, and can become quickly enraged at the suggestion of cheating or wronging others.
Cutie Mark: Football

All Ponies depicted, and picture: Daniel-Gleebits

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