Lilith BandW Picture

And the next Goddess is...

Lilith: Mesopatamian "night-demoness" of wind... later portrayed in Babylon, Assyria, Arabia... and just about every other religion and mythology has her in some form or other. She is everchanging, evolving power, like the waves, she crests and retreats, slowly wearing away the rock to ruination.

In the Bible, Lilith was said to be Adam's first wife, who was shunned from Eden for refusing to lie down to Adam, when they were made as equals. She was then noted to become the bane of all children of Adam and Eve out of vengeance... it was she who turned into the serpent and lulled Eve into biting the apple and offering it to Adam... bringing the two of them to be forced out of Eden.

And that's just ONE of her myths! Wiki her and you'll see just how long lived this goddess/demoness is! She is by far one of the most interesting female figures in world mythos.

I wanted to show a very proud and strong woman... unfortunately, I kept hearing "Brick House" in my head as I drew this so I'm afraid she looks rather seventies... >.>... my bad, Lilitu.
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