Mummy Picture

Cofagrigus: The Coffin Pokemon
"They pretend to be elaborate coffins to teach lessons to grave robbers..."
"It has been said that they swallow those who get too close and turn them into mummies..."
Cofagrigus is my favorite 5th-gen Pokemon and my favorite Pokemon, period, if for no other reason than these snippits from the White and Black Pokedex entries (respectively).

Pictured here is Ahriman, the Cofagrigus on my White version team, attacking two Team Plasma grunts who got too close...

All of the Pokemon on my team have a name pertaining in one way or another to mythology. Ahriman is no exception. While I will readily admit that I named him after the Ahriman boss in FFXII (my favorite boss from my favorite game!), the Ahriman is actually a figure in Zoroastrianism, being the Persian name for Angra Mainyu, a destructive spirit that deceives people into following the wrong path. Get it? Deceitful? Spirit? Yes? Maybe? orz

I really, really like how this came out. C: Ahriman looks awesome. And he is awesome. The Team Plasma out a bit wonky. I blame their retarded costumes.

Cofagrigus is a Pokemon, and therefore belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak, not me. Oh, and Team Plasma belongs to them too.
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