HIGH ROLLER (F.C.): Ra Mehen - Stats and Bio Picture

Stats sheet courtesy of DanSyron.

Before I begin with the description of this character: I will not be claiming the style as my own, since I wanted to replicate it for the other stats sheets of the same variety from DanSyrons project "High Roller". I wanted to know how to color in his older style, so this is my attempt at that.

The biography and mechanics of the character will be ready momentarily.

If it were not all ready obvious, this character is modeled after the mythological Egyptian god of the sun. Originally, the game I was going to use for him to represent was called "Ra", which is the name of a modern board game, but I figured I would go "oldschool" and have him represent an ancient Egyptian game known as "Mehen".

Also, this picture looks much better on the mobile version of DeviantART.

Musical Theme(s)

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