Mektan Aochan Picture

haha my PSP's about to die XD I've been listening to Nightwish all night. (Current song: End of All Hope)

Done! XD Did this character for ~usedbasechick's new AU dealy, which has the Chinese zodiac trolls thing. OwO

Trivia about this guy:
-His name is an anagram for "nekomata-chan" (a nekomata is a mythological cat with a split tail. If you've read/seen InuYasha, Kirara/Kilala is a nekomata.)
-His last name could be a variant of "ao-chan" (just take out the hyphen), and "ao" means "blue"; "chan" is a suffix that kinda means something along the lines of "Mr." or "Mrs.".
-The second part of his trollhandle, gat dolent, means "evil cat" in Catalan. "Arid" means "dry" (in English), and I don't know why he's a dry evil cat, but hey. One of my fan-trolls has my initials for his trollhandle (as well as Vriska the Bitch-ka ugggghhhh)
-The symbol on his shirt is the Chinese character for "cat" (but you probably figured that out)
-His horns are supposed to be shaped like whiskers. Did that work out?

(Current song: While Your Lips Are Still Red [my theme song <3])

Let me know if you want me to change this guy, 'kay, ~usedbasechick? XD This is mainly a rough draft to see how you like his design. XD
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