Tamamo Remix Picture

... for those who visit often, you'll know that I've taken down a previous version of this project due to some technical issues. If you waited to see the revision, thank you for your patience.

... now, back to our regularly-scheduled notes:
The character here is a representation of an old mythological/legendary figure in Japanese history. Her name was Tamamo-no-mae, the favourite courtesan of Emperor Konoe. She was also a thousand-year-old fox spirit who had plagued humankind throughout Asia.
It's an age-old story, of course, but it remains fascinating for many reasons.

A further note:
The revised project was created with the expressed intent to imitate the style of a well-established (albeit not entirely well-known) Japanese pop artist, Fukaya Yuichiro. I highly suggest anyone who's interested to look up his work. They are quite fascinating, to say the very least.

Patterns in this piece comes from: ~untitled-stock, ~onethirtytwo and =Princess-of-Shadows
Brush comes from Aethereality.net
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