Nijntje Picture

There are two things that I simply love to do.
a) Take animals from cute little continental icons (i.e. Hello Kitty or as seen above, Nijntje) and turn them into cute humans with animal features. I also like taking important mythological animal figures (kitsune, Ryujin, Otohime, tanuki) and doing the same
b) taking cute chibi like continental icons (i.e. Pucca) and turning them into full sized humans

I do this all the time with Pokemon, various animals or people, etc. It's a guilty pleasure I guess you could say. Anyways this took me forever to do, particulary towards the end where I struggled with adding in a background. I would've added more text, but I couldn't find a Dick Bruna font. I print screened the nijntje text from a flashing banner. I dedicate this to my sister, who lives in the Nederlands. I miss her very much.

PS: Sorry for the crappy quality on and around her apron. I tried and failed to fix it, so deal with it.
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