Rosuto Picture

Okay. in a chatroom i RP in, we were talking about what would we be if we were cybertronians. There was only five of us there and four of the people said Seekers.....I said berserker (that's the same subfaction blitzwing is beside being a triple changer). Well, since that idea has been in my mind for a while, this is what i thought i would look like as a cybertronian in the TFP verse. and yes, i would be a con since those are to guys i'm hanging around with in the chatroom.

I still have yet to figure out what my name would be but i know it would be scandinavian in origin since the name berserker is from norse mythology and i'm part norwegian. My main weapons would be my feet (kicking/running), my claws, and the blasters that are surgically inserted into my hands. I would be a flying berserker but since i lack wings and that, my flying sucks.

My personality would be that of a hellion but also loves to party and relax.

I got the body base from [link]


because i'm no longer associated with that chatroom thus that RP. This shall now be an official TFP cybertronian OC. Her name shall be Rosuto.
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