Day 23 - Baby World Turtle Picture

"Today's Challenge is to take your favourite Mystical or legendary animal, and make a baby version of it.
Baby Sphinx, baby phoenix, Baby Dragons, Just try to concept it in it's infancy stages."
I decided to infantise the mythological World Turtle; the turtle that carries the world on its back. I was originally just going to rehash Turwig as Torterra is the Pokemon equivalent of the world turtle, but than I began thinking. When the world was young, it was a ball of molten rock; not quite the world natives knew of, or the world we know today. So here's a newly hatched World Turtle, it's shell still trying to get itself together. The lines where the shell pieces meet are fault lines.
I figure he could also be a pretty good Fakemon. Ground-Fire type, but able to learn Surf. Not sure what his evolutions would be like, but his type would most definitely change over time. Maybe Ground-Fire (baby/basic?) --> Ground-Water-->Ground-Grass-->Ground-Steel (urbanized world shell) (mega evolution? final?)
I don't have a name for this guy yet, so leave a suggestion in the comments and I'll pick my favourite.
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