The Usual Culprits Picture

I have these two in my party almost all the time, and aside from a few bug-type incidents (*shakes fist at Volcarona*), these two are the ones I use to get me out of the really tough scrapes. I'm waiting to go up against the Elite Four in Pokemon X until I can move these guys over (at which point my Delphox might join them, I've grown quite fond of him).

The Torterra is named Twigy (yes, I know that it's misspelled, it's too late to fix it). He was my first Pokemon ever, way back in '07 when I got Diamond. He was my first level 100, too.

The shiny Absol is Ialach (I was on a Celt mythology kick at the time; interwebs says it means 'Shining Fur'). I wanted a shiny Absol FOREVER, and tried everything I could think of short of using a cheating device. I finally figured out how to use the PokeRadar properly, and at a chain of 38, I finally got one. He's my baby.

They're both level 100, and have become champion loafers.
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