Waddaya think, Kenneth? Picture

It's another story that you need to have explained for you if you don't know it already:

If you don't want to read, just watch and listen to this interview where Hiddleston explains how he got his role this "Thor", or at least how he startet: [link]

But I can also just write it:

Tom Hiddleston and Kenneth Branagh worked together on a play called "Over The River", Kenneth and Tom being parts of the cast, and Kenneth told Tom that he was going to make a movie based on Norse Mythology and the Thor-comics, and everyone was very happy for him. And as Tom described it, he walked over to Kenneth, completely dressed for his part as a doctor from the late 19th century, swinging an empty watercooler in the air and going: "Wadda ya think?"(like he was Thor).

I tried my best to match his description of his outfit, but I guess it isn't a big deal if I get it a little wrong ^3^

And I have no idea what Ken's response was. I figured it was something like that...

Also, while I'm at it, did you know that Tom was injured while filming? Nothing bad, he just somehow got elbowed in the nose by Chris Hemsworth! Unfortunately, I can't seem to find the interview where he says that TT_TT
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