Long needed revamp: Gee Picture

Big image is big D:. sorry I didn't want to jpeg it for quality reasons.

This is probably the biggest change Gee (my monster bird) has gone through. First I completely change her story (because the original story was getting too complex, I really wanted her to be simple with maybe a few other monsters in her universe, not thousands).

Second big change, I modified her main colors so they aren't as... sparkly xD. I figure her mating colors could be exclusive to mating season. Now she's a wonderful reddish brown with tame green feathers. WAY better for camouflage. Also left the cheek markings only for mating season since I forget to draw them 3/4 of the time.

Also a few minor changes her body. The feathers on her upper wings were pulled back so they wouldn't be in the way of her claws. Also her chest eye, since it technically can't see, no longer has a black pupil.

lastely, since I discovered it a while back, I decided the type of animal she would be is a cockatrice (a mythological creature) with Crescentbird being a title instead.

I don't know why but in this image Gee looks WAY BETTER than she has in other recent works. I think its because I updated the style xP I don't know.

Anyway to keep this from getting any longer, feel free to ask any questions you may have about her.

Gee is my creature design, please do not reuse without permission.
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