Lipless King Achilles Picture

I think this is the first time I've ever submitted something into the anthro category.

This radical dude is for *indeahsunn's Sonic character contest.

Before I start on his bio; yes I am busy with your commissions and no I actually didn't try to base him off Agon. :/ It just sort of turned out that way. OTL (I tried to make tied dreads but they didn't want to happen so I just left them loose.

So anyways, onto his bio! Attire and Profile are exclusive to this block of text because my handwriting is horrible, obviously.

Name: Achelus Rex, but is most commonly called Achilles.

Name Origin: Named after his late grandfather... Achilles/Achelus means "Lipless" and Rex means "king". In mythology, Achelios/Achilles boasted that he was fairer than Aphrodite and was turned into a shark. apparently...[link] is my source for that info.

Race[color]: Tiger Shark (dark blue with orange stripes)

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Black wife beater under a white jacket vest. He has baggy pants held up by a painfully dull belt and has a pair of sweet looking riding sneakers to make the look complete.
He wears a pair of green shades occassionally. (It's kind of hard though, being that he has no ears...)
He also has two of his dorsal fins pierced.
When not racing, he usually wears a dreadlock wig. (Don't pull at it--you might lose an arm.)

Likes: Gambling, challenges, racing, fame/general attention, dubstep, girls, spicy food, hard candy, and comic books. He also is interested in tattoos.

Dislikes: His low alcohol tolerance (he is in no way an alcoholic, it just doesn't take much to get him buzzed), people who yell for no reason, getting phone numbers from other girls when he's already on a date, having a low reputation, getting bumped on the nose be it softly or a mean hook to the face, and being broke.

Stats: Gear is Balance Type
Dash: 3
Limit: 4
Power: 5
Curve: 2

Profile: Achilles began gambling at the age of 16 in hopes of becoming super rich very quickly. (This was achieved due to his natural height and a fake ID.) Unfortunately the dice had another plan and he ended up deep in trouble with debt. A friend of his, seeing him down in his luck, brought him to a EX race in hopes of lifting his spirits.
Unfortunately it was a perfect chance to waste the remaining few bucks he had to his name gambling on the racers in hopes of making a comeback.
Luck laughed in the dreamer's face and ate up all his money, at which he promtly exclaimed,
"Damn it all! He did that on purpose! Hell, I could probably ride better than that dog! I've got the power and speed, I bet I could pick up some gear and win one of these with my eyes closed! I could bet on myself and win everytime!---"

After that angry (and slightly buzzed) rant, he and his friend hatched a plan to do just that. Achilles would race, and his less athletic, bumbling friend would do all the betting. It wasn't dishonest betting, in anyway (except maybe for the actual betting and gambling part going under the radar of authority) and relied purely on Achilles' ability.
He ended up realizing that he couldn't quite race with his eyes closed, but with his vicious attacks and brutal strategy, he won as many races as he could and eventually had enough money to get some gear of his own (up until then it had been borrowed by a friends' friend.)

Personality-wise, Achilles can be described as unethical, bordering on sleazy, but at the same time he is a somewhat dextrous visionary. He has a soft spot for women and doesn't mind spending his money on them (that's another reason why he's usually broke) but he but he hasn't had more than a few dates ever since a bad breakup when he wsa younger."He follows directions to a T and doesn't mind not being a leader figure in any group, as demonstrated with his teamwork with his gambling friend in his lter teen years. (It's not that he doesn't have the brains to do so, he just thinks it's more fun being the brawn he usually has other things to do that plotting/planning would get in the way of.)

When riding, Achilles is a major competitor. His natural bloodlust shines through as he dominates the course--ripping through people and obstacles with ease. He may not be the fastest, but his height and reach are something to be reckoned with. Don't turn around or you might see his hand in your face, about to take you down.
Around allies, however, his competitive nature is much more toned down. He doesn't mind much not being "the best" when competing to them because they are, afterall, partners. If they weren't, then he would have reasons to show off. When racing, he always goes at full power, and if someone is able to beat him, he's likely to give them all of his respect.

All in all he's a pretty chill guy to be around and is always up for a party. He changes from being laid back to malicious seriousness once he steps on his EX board (which is slightly reminiscent of a surf board...NOT PICTURED BECAUSE I forgot/didn't want to draw it.)

If asked, he'd say his main motive for racing is because it's fun. In all the years he's been doing it, he realized it had a better payoff for him on the inside than any amount of money he's ever won. (As cheesy as it sounds.)
He hasn't seen his gambling friend in years, so he doesn't have the same payoff as he once did, yet he continues to race. Not for money, but because he enjoys it.

I should also mention that the patterns on his body are natural, but because they fade as tiger sharks age, he had them redone as tattoos (FOREVER YOUNG!)


Holy sharks, batman. I hope that wasn't as long as I think it was.

So like, yeah. He's a pretty loose character subject to change however *indeahsunn pleases if they wish to do so.
Tell me if you want a fullbody ref of his tats. They're symmetrical, by the way.

I also happen to know nothing about Sonic Riders so his bio is liable to change as well (since I don't know if gambling was ever actually ever touched up on in the games...)

Any comments or critique are welcome! I really like this guy, and I hope you do too. ;D

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