Exposition Fairy Picture

...She's not staying as a fairy, promise. Though the rest of her appearance is pretty much right. I mean, not the outfit either but the markings and stuff are right.

But yeah. Starry loves mythologies and legends, and she ended up talking to characters from All Hallows who had never heard them. So she just would start rambling about Aurora foxes and Furor Imps and explaining serenity stones and pretty much everything that needed explaining. So! Exposition fairy! ...Which means obviously she needed to become a literal fairy.
Plus, I mean. She's a light elemental. So. Sparklies.
Honestly, I don't think she minds much. Though her from her original design would've, but. Starry's a lot more okay with acting feminine and the like anymore. XD

...I don't quite know how her outfit came to be but it did. Also, the part on her side is semi-transparent so the markings underneath are on her stomach there. XD I think that's fairly apparent, but. Figured I should comment on it.

Starry is my character though, and this drawing is mine, soooo... There's that. XD
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