Forget my Name [Shepard Meme] Picture

1 // Forget my Name: What is Shepard’s first and middle name? Are they important or meaningful names? How do they feel about their name?

I decided to do the 28 days of Shepard meme [link] through renders instead of just answering the questions. They won't necessary be daily, but hopefully I'll do the entire meme.

I gave my Shepard the name Andromeda for a couple of reasons; it is the name of a galaxy and a constellation, and the mythical figure Andromeda mirrors Shep's story somewhat: Andromeda was tied to a rock as a sacrifice to a great sea monster; a parallel to the way Shepard was held up as a sacrifice against Saren, Harbinger and the reapers. In the mythological story, Andromeda is saved by her future husband, and at this point my Andromeda diverges; Shepard saved herself and countless others, becoming the saviour.

She doesn't hate her first name, but she's hardly ever gone by anything but Shepard, so it feels strange to her. Sometimes she just wonders what her mother hoped for her, giving her a grand name. As a a youngster growing up between an orphanage and the streets, 'Andromeda' more often became 'Andy' and after a while that felt look childish and she started going by her surname.


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