Jezebeth Picture

"Can I steal your mind for a while?
Can I stop your heart for a while?
Can I freeze your soul and your time?
Scorpion flower, token of death,
Ignite the skies with your eyes.
[ Scorpion Flower - Moonspell & Anneke van Giersbergen ]

Countess Jezebeth is a Higher Demon from the Fourth Level. A former Principality, she played a pivotal role in the preparation of the Great Heavenly War, as they used their eloquence to turn several Angels to the cause of Emperor Lucifer. Moreover, Countess Jezebeth was the one in charge of distracting Yahweh from what was going on together with Count Kobal, and the two were successful in their role until the near beginning of the war. Her cunning and great lying ability led Countess Jezebeth to become the very embodiment of deceitfulness, thus after the Fall she became the Demon of Lies and Falsehood. She is so proud of her mischievousness that, once in Hell, she altered her physical look to the point of growing a scorpion tail, which also vehicles her elemental power of Venom.
She’s in charge of the specific use of falsehood as a vessel for Evil in the Sublunar World. Her modus operandi is slightly different for that of many Demons, as she often choses multiple victims at once, possessing one in order to gain the trust of the others and lure them all to their downfall. Occasionally, she clashes with Viscount Legion over Mortals, as she likes to tease him by aiming as his same victims.
Her Court life is one of the most intense. Beside part of Duke Beelzebub’s Order of the Great Fly (due to her Element being derived from Earth), her mundane, gossipy and chatty manners make her a very popular figure, often the life of the soirées, to whom many Courtiers turn for some light-hearted fun. Whether it’s true or not, her gossip is always very entertaining, and she’s so capable that she can deceive even those Demons who are most familiar with her lies; many of the falsehoods she passed off as truth become the whispers that animate the chit-chatting behind the ladies’ fans for days and days. Besides Viscount Legion, whom she often pretends to befriend in order to spread gossip about, she’s mostly at odds with Marquis Nergal, who strongly disapproves of her utter dishonesty. But no doubt he can be tricked too by Countess Jezebeth’s stingy tongue...

As announced before, here is a new work of the Infernal Lords series! So please welcome Jezebeth, the Demon of Lies and Falsehood. What is that stingy thing behind her? Who did her amazing Twenties look? You can read everything on my blog, Jezebeth: development and symbolism.

Photo, concept, manipulation, frame design: Me
Model: Giulia Biletta
Styling: Me and ~BriarRose9
Hair, make up: ~BriarRose9
Assistant: *nerode
Additional resources: ~amptone-stock (textures), ~BrokenWing3dStock (wings), *Dracoart-Stock (scorpion tail)
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