Alberich in Odin Cloth Picture

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Deep down, you know this is what should have happened (?).

The cloth is a potpourri of the anime version, myth cloth version, and my misconception of their angles, lol. Since I don't have a myth cloth in hand, I just saw pictures on the internet.

Same for Hilda's throne.

Those saying that the head is maybe big. Drag it around the body. I don't think the size is drastic at all xD
No one here on deviantart has pointed it out, but I feel the need to make this remark:
I know we can't cross our legs like that if we don't want to crush our junk, lol!
But the pose was given intentionally because in my head (the guy who drew this), a feminin figure has an evil, intelligent, subtle and elegant feel to it. Some of the most evident traits in this character in my opinion.
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