Aztec Sun Stone Picture

I was going to save this pic for a later showing, but I decided not to lol ^_^ Anyways, this is the Aztec sun stone, which acted as their calendar and showed signs of the future. There are many different levels to this ancient masterpiece, most of which I know very little about due to more interests in parts of the mythology/cosmology. I have to admit I did trace the inner and outer circles, only because I do not own a tool for creating circles. As far as detailing goes and the drawing of all the figures, it 100% my own work. My style does come out in this piece, but it was meant to be a replication of the original Sun Stone. There is a flaw in my drawing that proves that I drew it and if you can tell me what it is I'll give you star ^_^ lol j/k. As with my previous works; I drew this by hand and then edited and colored in Photoshop.
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