HoY: Adam 'Sky' Johnson Picture

"Can I go through ONE story arc that DOESN'T involve a painful death?!"

Name: Adam Theodore "Sky" Johnson
Franchise of Origin: N/A
Trope: The Chosen One
Virtue: Universality
Clan: Wind/Cosmic
Symbol: The Ink symbol, a stylized fountain of the stuff pouring out of an overturned bottle.
Weapon: Fenghuang - A katana, with a golden blade patterned like a bird's feather; it can release blades of energy that can slice through anything. Named after the king of the birds in Japanese mythology.
Affiliation: Protagonist, Rogue
Age: 10 (start of canon)
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 80 lbs
- Can regenerate from any injury, even those that would be fatal to regular humans. Also, bleeds toxic, rainbow-colored Ink.
- Incredibly fast, agile, and powerful flier; top air speed exceeds Mach 3, causing sonic booms and shockwaves in his wake.
- Excellent climber and jumper, capable of leaping up to forty feet vertically from a standing start.
- Prehensile, whip-like tail is deceptively strong. He can wield weapons/items and grab foes with it.
- Razor-sharp claws, wings, and extendable back spikes can cut through steel.
- Beams of rainbow-colored energy can be fired from his mouth, his primary ranged attack.
- Can change the color of his wing membrane, hair, scales, and eyes to express emotion and dazzle opponents.
- Can copy any ability, attack, or part from anyone, provided he accesses the Flow network first.
- Capable of accessing different continuities at will. Usually does so by ripping through space-time with his claws.
- Not very durable and physically weak; the Rule of Cool/Funny doesn't protect him as well as other characters.
- Can't wear armor on his upper-body, it hinders his wings (the membrane attaches to his arms and sides).
- EXTREMELY egotistic and self-centered. His former self-righteous extravagance has blessed him with only a small amount of integrity to build from; his idea of personality development, though subject to change, starts out as essentially "borrowing" traits and ideas from other characters.
- Little to no true social skills, due to a tendency to overreact and misinterpret statements and intentions. Also tends to panic and behave irrationally when called out by others.
- Addicted to diet soda. The resultant "buzz" may lead to repercussions almost akin to alcohol overdose.
Bestia: Ziz-Bar'Juchne - An mystical, avian/dragon, with features from pterosaurs, birds, and wyverns. Has golden scales/feathers, four rainbow-colored wings, razor-sharp talons, a long dragon-like tail, and a crested head with a razor-toothed beak. Named for two names of the king of the birds in Jewish mythology.
When Adam Johnson's "parents" found his newborn mortal form on the doorstep of their Manhattan apartment, they had not expected their adopted child to be so... different. His hair and eyes appeared to change color many times in the first few weeks of his life, before settling into the respective black and dark chocolate brown he had throughout his childhood. However, he was very different from the other boys at school... very, very different. He would act like a selfish, conceited little horror at one moment and a feral, animalistic little horror the next. But he never understood or cared that the other kids avoided him like the plague; no-one knew or cared that he was, in fact, a reincarnation of the last child of De'os, Ziz-Bar'Juchne. Then again, neither did the guy himself; for now, he was content to live within the confines of his imagination. Said imagination began expanding in leaps and bounds when he discovered the Heroes of Yonder game... and proceeded to create his own story.
The problem was, one of the objectives of said story was to become a canonical Disney character. Contests for creating original characters for use in side quests and the like were common at the time, but once Adam was accepted, he decided that he wanted an even more important role. However, the Disney characters turned on him because instead of coming up with original ideas regarding his own characters that the Disney Dominion could use as a starting point, he "borrowed" tokens and abilities from others, claiming that they had "inspired" him, and thus disrespected them in the process. Desperate and disillusioned, he resorted to the Internet to help him, and collected every cheat code and secret he could find, clawing his way to the top illegitimately. Angered at the lengths he would go to get his own way, the Yonder Federation finally took action, and Adam was permanently forbidden from playing the game.
Left without a voice, poor Adam fell into a depressed, "don't care about the world anymore" state. Imagining himself to be a "fallen hero" rejected by "those money-obsessed Disney snobs", he was unaware that he was now an easy target for a mysterious force known as the Legion. A series of Legion-induced catastrophes over the next few days caused him to blunder into a time rift which opened at the Museum of Natural History. Not surprisingly, he ended up in Yonder once more, among those whom he had walked over for so long. And it is here that his story begins for real.
Sky is passionate, idealistic, naive, kind-hearted, and comical, but also high-strung, egotistic, attention-hungry, mercurial, and according to other characters at least, mentally unstable... "tl;dr", just plain nuts. He is surprisingly genre savvy for someone of this league, however, and as an avid story-creator, he can at least understand and even exploit the many twists and turns of stories such as his own. Though he has yet to publicly explain his dragon-god heritage, one important clue to it is that he tends to lapse into feral and animalistic behavior including unexpected aggression and savagery, part of the reason for his destructive behavior. Overall, the tragic truth is that Sky KNOWS people dislike him, but has yet to understand WHY; the personal goal he most passionately strives for is to understand himself, and hopefully compensate for his own personal flaws.

Special Actions:
Standard: LaserBeam - Shoots a rainbow-colored pulse of energy. Direction can change mid-flight until it hits something.
Horizontal: Wormhole - Slashes a hole in reality with claws, then enters. Another rip appears 8 to 10 paces in the desired direction, and he pops out through it.
Upward: Razor Vortex - Spins with his wings outstretched, travelling upwards and dragging in opponents while slicing them up. Provides strong vertical recovery and moderate horizontal recovery, lasts up to 5 seconds. Similar to Meta Knight's Mach Tornado from SSBB.
Downward: Blast Beam - Crouches, then shoots a rainbow-colored beam from his mouth. Reaches up to 15 paces before dissipating; angle can be changed by tilting the controller; lasts 5 seconds.


For those of you wondering who the hell Adam Johnson was in the last few Heroes of Yonder bios, your question is now answered. Sky was, as you can tell, originally intended to be a self-insert because the Sky series is loosely based on a lot of my exploits as a creative writer when I was younger. However, after some consideration, I realized that a character like this was way out of my league, and furthermore that this was within the dreaded "Mary Sue/Self-Insert/Wish-Fulfillment Character" cliche = Do Not Want. So he is now an intentional satire of the Mary Sues you find a lot in fanfiction, deconstructed in that everyone overwhelmingly hates him for it (initially), and also in that he is well aware of this setback and wishes to figure out how to remedy it. Because, you know, "borrowing."
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