Nikkos Theophilus Picture

Meet Nikkos Theophilus, a HUMAN (for now XD) Character of mine. His family hails from Tarpon Springs, Florida, and he is of Greek descent. He's about 23 years old and lives in a Sailing Yacht because of his love of Sailing, the Ocean, and travel, and can afford to because of how rich his family got selling property that had belonged to the family for Generations so people can build houses on them to move from the West Coast to the East coast of the state.

He has a real thirst for Mythology, having been started on the classical Greek work and spread to Thor's Hammer, the tales of Buddah, and The White Buffalo Woman.

His love for mythology caused him to research the different cultures, and eventually he grabbed some spare cloth from his mothers room and started trying to reproduce some of the clothing to wear to school, a few sewing lessons later and a rather awkward year through highschool, you have a young man who is working to become someone who creates the fashions that people wear, trying to add a mythological flare to his pieces, or flavor them with a new location.

One day, during the first day of spring break, he took his Yacht out to sea, stating he was going to explore some islands to get ideas for his "next line" for school, and was never heard from again...

Lost to the Bermuda Triangle....


Just a fun character of mine I've been working at off an on for a while. Wanted to get him figured out looks wise before doing anything.. XD And, since I'm such a n00b, I've actually made him a GaiaOnline account for Roleplaying on: His name is "Nikkos Theophilus" on Gaia as well.
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