Tachi (colored) Picture

Hi there, I had a few free moments today, and I just felt like coloring this dude here.

see the pencil-drawing here:


He is loosely based on a Dôgu, an ancient japanese clay figure. No one exactly knows the actual purpose of the Dôgu, but it is believed that they have been used in rituals.

I heard of a Dôgu that was used to seal dark powers and illness within it, and so the idea for this Character came up: What if you seal away dark energy into a Dôgu, and this Dôgu get's awakened by those powers, similar to a Golem?

The Dôgu was really just an basic idea, and it looks more like a mask - wearing Ninja - Zombie. I had much fun drawing him.

feel free to comment and have a nice day!
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