Ecaterina.Portrait Picture

One of my many Harry Potter original characters, Ecaterina.

Going into her back story would be far to..well difficult right now, because I would have to type a massive summery of my fan fiction and it would ruin the entire plot of my story, because I would need to explain why the main cast met her and I am only on chapter 13 of re-typing the Order of the Phoenix and this particular character of mine doesn't even make an appearance into the second part that I have planned out.

But I guess will tell some random facts about her.

The most important thing is that she isn't human. I am not saying what she is, but she is NOT a freaking vampire. I do have them in the story, but she is not one of them. A lot of Harry Potter OCs that are not human and a mythological creature are vampires and I decided to go a different route. By the why her species is not part of Harry Potter 'lore' and I integrated those creatures long before I made this character up.

She is also from Romania, because I figured Greece would be to stereotypical for her do to the species thing and not for the subplot I have her with the vampires...Wait what?

She is evolve with a main character, but the relationship lasts fairly shortly, because said main character is a ass...That there is someone else. Though they separate on good terms and there is no love triangle. There is however a baby born out of wedlock.

Her species is all women. When one mates with a human male, the child will be instantly a girl. End of a story.

Also, I did in fact take the Harry Potter Mary sue litmus test test, and somehow she got a non-sue another anti sue test says she was a anti sue...WTF Dude I thought she would be a Mary sue. I mean, Jesus Christ.

Now let us look at her magic:
Her wand is ten inches long made of cypress wood with a unicorn tail hair.

She never had any formal schooling, so I can't give any random stats on her OWLS, but whatever.

Charms and Transfiguration: These are the two branches of magic she works off the most.

DADA and Dark Arts: She knows dark spells, and learns about them on her own, but mainly to defend herself against them. She is one of those people who believe the the Dark arts are evil. With all that said, she is not that good in either subjects

Herbology and Potions: She is not a master in Potions, but she can fair well in it and therefore uses a lot of herbology.

Other magical abilities due to hereditary:

She is a Parseltongue and can only preform certain healing and poison spells that a human can because of it.

Moving on.

One of my first paintings of her [link]

As you can see I decided to make her more human.
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