MH: How to get Lex babies Picture

This is so cracked…this is what happens when you have 2 cumbys in like 4 hours AND are hit with insomnia, I swear…but it’s fun crack!

So ok, remember my crack kids picture? Well that and Bones’ sparked us discussing vampiric reproduction, since, you know, classically they aren’t supposed to get knocked up. But new age stuffs have it so, so discussing how to make that work…blablabla. Personally I like knocked up vamps IF it’s in their character. But I digress.

I am also a huge MPreg fan, and anyone who knows Norse mythology knows that Loki was MPreged definitely once if not TWICE! I’d just recently learned about an alternate origin for Hela and her brothers where Loki was their “mother” (basically it’s this) so when I learned that I was all “oooo I likes that!” so it’s sorta become my personal cannon now…so that lead me to another idea on how Dex and Luk could have babies; cause if his grandfather could eat a heart and pop out 3 why can’t Luk?
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