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Finally some more real stuff from your's truly!

In my fantasy world there is a country called Kunhvpa. It's in the middle of the westernmost continent. (Our darling Laudon is from Kunhvpa
Dance is a HUGE deal for the Kunhvpanan people. It's a key component in their creation myth, called Adoibhne. The dancing of their God-figure Shaliev created this world. The earth formed under the feet, the bells and jewels twinkled and formed the heavens and the stars. The breath became air, the sweat became the people and all living things. Shaliev was born of the final breath of the previous God entity and came with a grand entrance twirling and twisting free and passionately. (Shaliev is seen as neither male nor female)

Kunhvpa dance is very passionate and loud and includes lots of jewelry and things that rattle and make noise, and lots of flowy huge pieces of fabric. Everyone in Kunhvpa does some form of dancing, formally or informally. Both men and women dance together or separate. There will be private rituals, huge festivals, village or town gatherings, etc. There is no stupid looking dancing here - even if to other people it would look crazy, uncoordinated and uhh really silly XD

So there you have it. Feel free to ask any questions.

done all in openCanvas 3 - texture from Mayang
onoz no real background - don't call the art police
edited to punch it up a bit and to get rid of all the jpg artifacts from the last version
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