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Title: Well Hello There...
Character(s) Featured: Charlene Levant
Programs Used: Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, SAI
Hours Consumed: 5 hours
Most Dislike Part: N/A

• Charlene "Charlie" Levant is the sole property of © ~Paprika-Studios
• The Assassin's Creed Universe is the sole property of ©Ubisoft
• Brushes (only for the chemistry looking stuff) is the sole property of © ~finner


When the trailer for Assassin's Creed Revelations was released, I was super hyped [It was this trailer actually - [link] ]. I found out that one of my DA Buddies, =Sailor-Serenity was also a AC fan and an idea struck my head...why don't I create an Assassin's Creed OC? And hence I started to create Charlene.

When I got through majority of her profile, I started to work on the character design. Her timeline of being an active assassin starts around the early 1970s. When designing her, I really had to research on what style of outfits would really fit the 1970s time period...that wasn't bell-bottoms. (lol) Then I remembered the 1970s show, Wonder Woman and how she showed up in a leotard and I thought, you know what? That will work!

So I designed this outift, keeping the sash (to me that was a must - lol) and giving her boots that would otherwise go with her outift design. She does wear the Hidden Blade, but since she does not have a voice and uses her hand to sign (and needed all fingers for that), so she went through a painful process of having the symbol of the Assassins tattooed to her left upper bicep.

As for the background and the logo, those elements were created by yours truly ^^ The background itself is kind of a play on the Animus (even though Charlene never uses it) which I created by using Photoshop. I used a Chemistry brush set by ~finner because I felt that the background still need something. Charlene was started with a pencil sketch, lined in Adobe Illustrator and colored in SAI (with a little help from Photoshop).

Anyways, enjoy!!


Name: Charlene "Charlie" Levant
Birthdate: April 14
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 142 lbs
Build: Charlene has a tone physic that mimics a typical gymnast build, thus making her physically strong and swift. Minus her toned body, she still has a rather attractive feminine body which she has used to her advantage several times. She often dresses her body to accent her figure, regardless of being on or off duty.
Hair: Her hair is a typically red head color (#F16C2B) that often misleads others into thinking that she actually has orange hair. Her hair reaches to her upper-mid-back and is wavy. Rarely down she ever do anything with her hair other than leaving it down but ever once in a while, she will throw her hair into a messy ponytail.
Eyes: Cat-like Green (#008700), wide and full-lashed
Distinguish Marks: The symbol of the Assassin is tattooed on her upper left bicep.

Rank: Assassin - Fifth Rank
Likes: Writing and Mythology
Dislikes: Cheating
Specialty: Close Combat and following targets

Strengths: Determined, stealth
Weaknesses: Sometimes comes to conclusions rather than looking at the facts
Personality: Charlene is a bit of a mystery to herself as she really doesn't talk about her emotions. She often explains the reason for this that having an "advantage" of not having a voice, she overhears what people really feel about others - Charlene doesn't want to be apart of that topic other than the obvious. She tends to keep her focus at the task at hand. When not on a mission, people tend to state that she looks serene when she is just reading a random book on mythology or writing.

Charlene is also somewhat of an over-achiever. Since she doesn't have a voice, all her other senses are heightened due to it and with others judging her so quickly [along with some that believe she shouldn't be an Assassin due to her disability], she goes out each time to prove them wrong.
Other: Charlene was born mute

Focus: Her main focus is to resume her late father's work of hunting for the Holy Grail so she often spends most of time with her team over in the European countries, believing that the widely-known carpenter's cup is hidden within that part of the world.

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