Sisters in Arms (Breast Cancer Awareness 2014) Picture

I know I'm 5 months early with this but it's better than being 5 days late.

This took about a week longer than I'd like. Figuratively speaking work has truly been a bitch (for both jobs) this past week and a half. I came down with a sinus infection last Saturday while I was doing my shift at The Home Depot, ended up calling in sick Monday morning for my job at Conagra Foods, and it took me almost a full week just to fully recover from the sinus infection and today at work I end up coming down with the flu (my throat is still pretty sore), apparently there's been some shit going around over at The Home Depot that 3 of our cashiers ended up calling in sick in the same day. I've been pretty achy, sore, and tired all at once not to mention I've been in a pretty dull mood this past 48 hours after what had happened at Conagra Foods on Friday, so I have had a hell of a time drawing this. I ended up finishing this around 7pm today after my shift was over. I'm sure that I could have finished this yesterday evening, but I was not "in the mood" after what had happened at work.

Anyway this drawing is of none other than my favorite duo themselves, Nike (Victoria) and Athena (Minerva). There are truly no other 2 deities from Greek/Roman Mythology that could better well represent Breast Cancer Awareness in an inspiring way as well as these 2 goddesses can. I've actually got one more good Breast Cancer Awareness drawing involving either of these 2 goddesses left to do. Hopefully I'll start on that in the next 2 weeks or so. The colors turned out pretty decent, not as good as my last drawing of Nike: Nike by Deorse, Apr 30, 2014 in Traditional Art > Drawings > People" data-super-img="" data-super-width="758" data-super-height="1054" data-super-transparent="false" data-super-full-img="" data-super-full-width="1024" data-super-full-height="1424">
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