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Part of my Let's Players Persona project. I'm technically a Let's Player, so I get a Persona too! (This is actually the only one I have done aside from two for StephenPlays, which I will save until Stephen gets the letter I sent with it included.) I didn't bother drawing it in actual Persona style because oh my GOD, I've had enough of drawing in Persona style with Persona P, and I'm not even finished with all the drawings for that.

Anyway, down to business. In this LP Persona set, I represent the Temperance arcanum with my Persona, Morrigan. The Morrígan is a figure in Irish mythology who, while not being explicitly stated as a goddess, is generally interpreted as such. She is a goddess of battle, strife and fertility. She is often depicted as a triple goddess, which when I think about it, it reminds me of that comparison paper I once wrote about me and Blitzwing........

Design-wise, as I will with all the LP Personae, I included elements from my LPs, either completed or those I'm currently working on. got a trenchcoat as reference to MySims Agents, the Power Jump badge from Paper Mario, the Power Smash badge from TTYD, a Rescue Team badge from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, the FRLG female protagonist's skirt (my currently fifth LP is Pokemon LeafGreen), and Tigger's tail. Yes, my sixth LP is Tigger's Honey Hunt (which, ironically, was lost in its entirety during my external hard drive's suicide). No, it will not turn out like Lucahjin and JoshJepson's Barbie LPs.

In battle, Morrigan would use Garu (wind-based) spells, Zio (lightning-based) spells, physical attacks, low-level Dia (HP recovery) spells, and buffs/debuffs. She would be strong against wind and lightning, as well as block darkness, but weak against fire and ice (a reference to how I can't stand super-hot or super-cold temperatures). As a regular attacking weapon, I would use umbrellas, and either my initial weapon or ultimate weapon would be a ducky umbrella.

Incidentally, this is the first image with my new hair style that I've actually had for quite a while! Yay!

Shin Megami Tensei Persona series © ATLUS
(This design of) Morrigan © PuppyLuver Studios
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