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I don't usually create OC's for existing fandoms, but I am in love with KamiAso. Since I'm a big Norse mythology fan as well, I came up with Hodr, the Norse god of Winter. I don't have much for his profile right now, so as the anime progresses I'll be adding to it; for now, consider the following a WIP, as it is subject to change.

Name: Hodr Hringhorni
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8''
Orientation: Straight
Shackle: A silver clasp that holds his braid
Magic: Ice/Snow
Appearance: Very pale skin, silver hair (knee length, usually kept in a braid), slender frame; his eyes are a milky grey color (blind).
Info: Hodr is the brother of Baldr, the God of Light (as he was in the original mythology). Hodr has been blind since birth, and is uncomfortable in unfamiliar areas. He typically uses his magic to figure out his surroundings and move, but when he is given his shackle he is unable to do so and must rely on a walking stick or his brother to get around the school. Due to a prank gone wrong that almost ended in him murdering his own brother, Hodr doesn't like Loki and disapproves of their friendship. He and the fire god often get into fights (mostly verbal). He doesn't easily attach himself to others and never develops any particularly strong feelings for Yui. Later, when he returns from the academy, he falls in love with a young jewelry designer from Germany, who gives him the brooch he's wearing.
Personality: Hodr is introverted and suffers from social anxiety. Due to his blindness, he was often left out of celebrations and other events, so he has learned how to function very well on his own. He knows people treat him differently for his disability and he hates it, so often he is curt with other people when he first meets them. He has an unrivalled love for music, however, and using it is the easiest way to win affection from him.
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