Chapa and Unk Picture

Chapa, ( Čhápa ) the Sioux name for "beaver" a deity assigned to housework, preparation and industriousness.
He's the good kind of beaver. not the douche kind.

next to him is Unk, meaning "passion" a tragic ( manipulative, evil) figure created by Maka who was jealous of her beauty and a violent fight broke out, things were said, hurting was delivered, powers were used, people were bound and trapped in the deep waters for ever. SADLY for Unk, her creator also gave her her own spiteful nature and they've been warring with her since...

side note:
Unk, being passiopn, drives humans mad sometimes forgetting who they are, leaving reason behind and focusing on selfish things, though it can be a driving force for good things sometimes. it's about balance so this painting shows just that, balance. so one wont drown out the other.

oh noes!
Chapa... you better run away fast
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