Figure 93 - Harpy and Central Samurai Picture

There's a chap who hops on the front page frequently with good tutorials. I probably don't follow those tutorials. Their world, or story, or whatever, is called Targa, and the nigh-prerequisite all-female species are Harpies! However, their version looks more like Gargoyles...I don't mean to bash them, but I tend to go towards more mythological version, thus why I did the Greecian Giant.

Anywho, I drew a female harpy. It's likely there's male harpies out there. I decided to go for a more of an eagle base, but I royally screwed up the wings; I don't feel like they are what they need to be. Of course, if I did understand burd wings, then I wouldn't have anything to say, now would I?

I also gave myself a clothing challenge. I already knew I was giving them a hand on their wing, as well as a burd tail and legs, so how do their clothes work? As it turns out, they're pretty much reduced to wearing only a front. They can't wear undergarments, as their wings get in the way and talons would shred anything. Same goes for pants. Shirts are right out of the question. So, that pretty much gives us the front and the back, and the back has a tail covering the A of T&A. So, yeah. Harpy clothing is remarkably restrictive. I don't even want to think of how to avoid embarrassing issues with male harpies.

....And after taking your time with the Harpy, let's move on to the Central Samurai. Central Samurai is based off of, or is the gijinka to, Gaonaga of the Colossal Kaiju Combat universe. Gaonaga was fairly easy; he's a kaiju samurai. Therefore, samurai. I will say this: Researching up samurai armor proved to be a rather enlightening expirance, and I can now appreciate it much more that I normally would have.

Oh yeah, the name. Gaonaga is immortal, but he has a jewel on his forehead (his 3rd eye) that attracts kaiju to him. So, he hand-waves away frequent kaiju attacks by becoming the samurai at the center of it all. Ergo, name.
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