Thesis : Mother Nature Picture

I often find myself torn on this piece. Part of me wants something a little bit more, but the other says the simplicity works for it.

Mother Nature Mythos

In many cultures, there is often this idea of an Earth Mother that helps to bring life into the world and thus is often associated with fertility, not just in soil. While her role can vary, depending on the mythology, she often represents the source of life and a connection to nature. You'll find her anywhere from the Indigenous peoples of the early Americas to Europe and Asia. Even now, one could argue that she remains a strong symbol of Western society, the term 'Mother Nature' used as a common metaphor. Among certain religious circles, there is still great worship to an Earth Mother figure.


A warning to those who can be a bit ... erm ... trigger happy : So far I've received rather good feedback in my show from both this and the next piece I'll be posting, but the internet is still the internet. So, if you get offended by people classifying any key figure that you worship as part of your culture's mythology, then I would suggest you ignore this as well as the next piece.
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