The Rainbow Serpent Picture

I'll work on this some more later...

The cuttlefish is my inspiration for the skin changing abilities of the Rainbow Serpents of my story: [link]

It's my most favorite sea creature!!

When I was first year in college I had a dream of rainbow serpents creeping along the edges of my dormitory and slithering along the walls and ceiling. They barely moved as I walked along the hallways and they came in appealing vibrant color variations but at the same time they felt very dangerous. I felt as if they were there to warn me of hidden dangers.

I looked up dream interpretation websites to figure out what all that means. But those websites were loaded with Western views of what snakes represent. I didn't like it at all! It wasn't me... but then I thought about the aborigines of Australia and their mythology of the rainbow serpent: * [link] * Now that is very very very interesting indeed! The Mayans [link] regarded the serpent as powerful beings worthy of respect as well along with India. Also the Aborigines' view is strikingly similar to how the Chinese visualize their dragon. And why the snake in the Bible?? The snake as the one who shows humans forbidden knowledge of self awareness??? Interesting huh?

This creature may seem the least threatening... but it is the most powerful one of them all. It hypnotizes and seduces by flashing appealing sparkling colors and its rattle creates a calming sound... like wind chimes. Katie will have to confront this creature eventually.

In nature the most colorful animals are usually the most poisonous ones. The colors are a warning sign of its true nature.
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