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Seven is the numeral for the number 7. It is an odd, natural and positive number and a prime number. Seven is the successor of Six and the predecessors of Eight.
In the Christian number symbolism of the Middle Ages seven stands for the mercy or for rest and peace, because it surrenders from the figures Three (symbol for God the Trinity) and Four (symbol for the world Four elements, Four wind directions and orientations). Therefore seven stands also for the person with body and soul. Hence, in constructions the heptagon was often used with graves and grave chapels (e.g., Capella Rucellai by Alberti) for the everlasting rest.

• 7 is the only dimension, besides the familiar 3, in which a vector cross product can be defined
• The neutral pH - the pH level of pure water.
• There are seven layers in the OSI model.
• Seven emperors (and period; Rome, history): Julius Caesar, Augustus, Galba, Hadrian, Nerva, Sallust, Vespasian
• David was the seventh son of Jesse.
• The number of heavens in Islamic tradition.
• The number of the Seven Deadly Sins: Lust, Gluttony, Avarice, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, and Pride.
• The minor symbol number of yang from the Taoist yin-yang.
• The number of main islands of mythological Atlantis.
• When asked to choose a number between 1 and 10, the most common number chosen appears to be 7. This choice appears to be driven by people's idea of the properties a random number should have.
• In music, the Roman numeral vii is the subtonic (bVII) or leading tone (VII) scale degree, chord, or diatonic function, when distinguished V = major and v = minor.
• A 2002 EP by U2: 7 (EP).
• The song "7" by Prince
• In Star Trek: Voyager, Seven of Nine (also called Seven for short) is one of the crewmembers.
• The Marilyn Monroe film The Seven Year Itch which is famous for the white dress blowing up.
• In rugby league, the scrum-half/halfback.
• It is traditionally thought that there are seven continents on Earth.
• The number of days in a week.
• 007, codename for James Bond, a fictional secret spy agent.
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