Scary Fishthing Picture

Sei is dreaming, if you were wondering, which is why Mirii has a strange mermaid-y look to her. XD (She USUALLY has legs, like any other normal Kiravai.) And the circuit bits raining down from the sky. I was planning on adding a clockwork/"steampunk" flavour to it, and a "splash" of water from some plain vellum, but couldn't figure out how to work either in, so this is it for now.

They're "gills" on the sides of her chest - okay so technically she doesn't need gills because she's a synthoid/siinu (read: nonhuman android/gynoid/whatever), but I'm blaming it on Sei reading too many books about Eumin mythology, and since he's stuck at the bottom of the ocean right now... Well, it fits his mindset, shall we say?

It's a mixture of iris-fold-type papercutting, layers of cut, coloured vellum, and my normal splodgy marker technique. It scanned better than I hoped, because her "scales" are cut from circles of very shiny pearlescent paper and I didn't think it'd scan at all, or at very least look grey and dull; they're just not quite SO obviously blue/green in real life.

...I kinda mostly like her ears. ^_^
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