Cloaking Technology Picture

I forgot to post this. It's just a doodly thing.

Changeling cloaks were a common thing in folklore, and similar stories can be found all over the world. As a result, many of my characters have such cloaks.

From left to right:

Gudrun - selkie - seal skin - Gudrun is the ship's cook in The Map IS the Treasure (working title, sequel in VDBiF series)

Phin - cat-dragon-bird thing - dragon/griffin cloak - Yeah, yeah, shut up. Sera's self-designed familiar in Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster. Since the only changeling cloaks they could find were damaged, they had to cobble one together for her out of two cloaks.

Erlina - swan maiden - feathered cloak - Erlina's cloak gives her the ability to change into a swan, as well as augmenting her magical abilities.

Letitia - merrow - red cloak/cap - in some stories, mermaids have a red cloak or cap that enables them to go underwater. They can lend it to others and sometimes they have more than one. Letita's cloak is quite small, and can be used as a bandana. (I figure that explains why it is a cloak or a cap). She's from The Map IS the Treasure.
(And yes, apparently they're green. The males have pointy teeth and pig noses, too.)

Freya - Norse goddess - falcon cloak - Freya, goddess of love and associated things as well as death and war, has a falcon cloak she can use to transform into a falcon. She can lend it to others. There are a couple other cloaks like this in Norse mythology.

If you take a fairy changeling's cloak, they have to obey you. I always wondered why, in the million, billion 'there were these pretty fairy type ladies bathing in a pool and some jerk stole one of their cloaks and then she married him' stories, why none of them thought to just kick him in the nads and run away and why the others did nothing to help, but this here is the reason.

Eggs, Butter, Sugar and Disaster, Miss Prince, VDBiF and all characters (c) Alicia L Wright and Tannbourne Ltd.
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