I've recently been named by a friend as "a mad book keeper". Why is that?
Well...I have the tendency to hog books of any sort I feel interest in. I mean, really hog. Perhaps I should say "hoard" even.
My library's so full it looks like it will fall to pieces any day. Besides that, many of my oldest books have belonged to my grandmother's mothers. So...figure I would never throw one of those things away...They must crumble themselves to ashes if I am to part with any of them!
This one I'm posing with was originally a very old encyclopaedia on mythology and magic. I kept the original leather covers until a bad flood let them knocked out enough as for them to rot, despite all efforts I made to save them. Then I simply put hand to work, and crafted this new cover and hinges for it. Now it is all safe again.
I still lament the loss of the older cover, but I am satisfied with the look it has now.
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