eos and selene. Picture

So, my 'original characters' have evolved from being actual original ones, to taking figures from Mythology and classical tragedies and making them the way I want them. And these are two of the people I have taken!

Eos is the Titan sister of Helios who is the sunrise, and Selene is the Titan sister of Helios who is the moon! I always pictured Eos as a morning person, a happy sort of person, since a lot of people adore the light and the coming of it -- so she has to bring hope, a colorful, optimistic hope.

Selene, however, is on the much more mellow side. Who prefers to read and sew, and take care of her siblings, the mature one of the group I think. I did not draw Helios in this because, frankly, I drew this in the day time, so he was off at work!
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